Altar Pieces

Skull cookie jars are handmade exclusively by Kelly Morse of the Skellramics studios.
These 14″ tall large, bold, skull shaped, 2 piece ceramic cookie jars are hand-glazed inside and out. They are very unique and highly detailed, collectible ceramic art pieces, glazed in a wide variety of brilliant colors in Kelly's recognizable style. Every design element is individually painted on the greenware piece by hand in several layers of under-glaze, each applied one layer at a time by brush. Glazes used are all food safe for hot or cold food. These carefully detailed one of a kind specialty skulls take more than a month to complete from start to finish. The cookie jars go through two to 3 kiln firings, with more glazes being applied before each firing. This process finishes, adorns and defines the detailing of the piece even further. The final kiln firing makes the magic in the details spring to life. It's always exciting to open the kiln, to see what surprises may have occurred during the time in the kiln, that's when the finished creation sparkles and shines showing all it's true colors.
These cookie jars are perfect for storing your favorite treats, snacks or cookies,  can also be used jack o' lantern style by placing a candle or small light inside the base of the skull. This causes the face to light up in a beautifully erie fashion. A Halloween novelty this is not, but it can lend an artful and commanding presence to any Halloween display. Dia De Los Muertos and Tibetan Buddhist meditational art lend inspiration to the detailed motif in this one of a kind skull creation. Perfect as an altar or center piece for a variety of celebratory purposes, lovely to look at and useful too! The interior storage space is perfect for storing pirate treasures or special keepsakes.

We have designed many ceramics that can be used for altar set up, figurines, vases and cookie jars, all very unique with highly detailed glazing. Click on the image to see it in full view.

Large David Bowie memorial Altar Skull

bowie skull coookie jarClassic Aladdin Sane Lightning bolt glazed across the skull face from top to bottom. Diamond dog eyes and blackstar emblem on the back of the skull. 17 quotes from a wide range of Bowie songs are scattered in ghostly font, faintly floating around the top and sides of this large skull cookie jar.



Large Crimson Skull Cookie Jar

large crimson cookie jarLovely lotus flowers, elegant flame patterns, and Skellramics trademark skulls encircle the entire piece backed by a bright crimson red glaze base color.
This container space of the 2 piece ceramic cookie jar is coated in a deep midnight black glossy glaze, and glazed in to that is a coating of sparkling, multicolored glaze crystals that create a jewel like galaxy of stars inside the head of the skull.


three Skull Altar

Handcrafted one of a kind ceramic three skull altar, approx. 7"


Meditation Skull Large Cookie Jar

meditation skull cookie jar

Giant skull shaped cookie jar, handglazed inside and out, extremely unique, very detailed., approx. 14"


Skulls and Skulls Large Cookie Jar

skulls and skulls large cookie jar

Giant skull shaped cookie jar, handglazed inside and out, approx. 14"


3 Skull Sculpted Painting

3 skull sculpted paintingBlue and ripples, one of a kind handsculpted ceramic "painting". 3 skulls floating in a pool of watery blue ripples, a unique curio. approx. 6"x4"


Skulls and Dots Large Vase

skulls and dots large vase

Large ceramic vase handglazed with a lot of detail, approx. 12"


Skelvis Figurine

skelvisOne of a kind ceramic figurine, handglazed, highly ditailed, about 14" tall


Clock Platter

Clock plate handcarved with flames and skulls set at 12, 3, 6 and 9, clockworks set in center, one of a kind, approx. 10"


Skulls on Jade Large Vase

jade green tall vase

Large ceramic vase with handcarved skulls around the top, glazed inside and out, approx. 12"


Skeletons & Swirls Truck

skellramics ceramic truckCermic truck, glazed with one of a kind images, different on both sides, approx. 7" x 3" x 5"


Large Skeleton Lady

large skeleton ladyOne of a kind ceramic Skeleton Lady glazed in red and gold, blue hair with black dress, approx. 23″ tall, very unique, approx. 25"


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