Bottles and Potions

Our bottles are individually made by hand, limited eidtions and one of a kind. Click on the image to see it in full view.

World Away Tonic

world away tonic bottleMindbending Tonic of Illusions, when reality is not where you choose to be, a trip drink, limited edition ceramic bottle, glazed inside and out, approx. 11" tall


Blue Flame Potion

blue flame potion bottleBlue lava glaze around handcarved flames, glazed inside and out, approx. 9" tall


Skeleton Potion

skeleton potion bottlePurple glazed square tonic bottle with Skeleton frame label handcarved image. One of a kind rectangular potion bottle, skeleton in purple translucent glaze. approx. 9″ tall, 5″ wide, 2.5″ deep. Perfect for potions or posies.


Flaming Heart Aphrodisiac

flaming heart aphrodisiac tonic bottleFlaming heart Aphrodisiac, Ale of Pleasure Tonic bottle, handglazed in midnight blue, approx. 11" tall


Skull Label Aphrodisiac

aphrodisiacGlazed inside and out fun and useful ceramic tonic bottle, approx. 11" tall, foodsafe for hot or cold liquids


Skull Label Tonic

skull label tonic bottleGlazed in antique rust glaze. Skull Label, Grand Elixir, approx. 11" tall


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