Museum of Past Projects

We have designed and produced a unique chain of innovative and adventurous ceramics, and hereis a small sampling of our past work, customer photos and various show displays

custom chess set pieces bat skull potion bottle bat skull green potion bottle heart skulls potion bottle le potion de devotion custom potion bottle decal potion bottle	heart skulls small potion bottle black moonshine jug secret potion bottle flaming eyes skull potion bottle swirls potion bottle skull and crossbones potion bottle collection of potion bottles moonshine jugs tiny potions custom clock jewelry box skeleton in a cross custom box sklls and swirls jewel box horned skull love box heart love box crossbones ring box horned skull ring box skull ring box royal crest jewlry box star shaped jewelry box three skulls oval jewelry box couple of love boxes customer display customer display clock in flames skeleton tomb stone clocks large skull coockie jars black and white skeleton couple blue skeleton couple-blue flaming skeleton couple black and white skeleton couple black and white skeleton couple collection of cusotm couples custom aline bottles custom bat skull box valkyrie custom jewelry box girly jewlry box custom Iron Tonic bottle custom large skull cookie jar skeleton moonshine jug custom beer steins custom vase custom handcarved mug candleholder skull box family tray kids t-shirt family shirts customized dishes tonic bottles display bottles display jewelry boxes ring boxes custom made set shop display figurines display mugs custom pieces shop display custom bottles skull platter display art show display store display skeleton guadalupe drawing skelvis in white figurine girlie butterdish girlie butterdish skeleton guadalupe altar ceramic book in process, initial drawing is applied ceramic book in process, first stages of underglazing is applied ceramic book in process, final stages of second glazing ceramic book in process, final piece detail of skeleton piper book drawing applied to tonic bottles jewelry boxes in a kiln after first firing handcarved plate after initial glazing our biggest help piano player in flames custom devil pitcher flaming heart pitcher skeletons plate skeleton love platter pink swirls skull platter custom swirl set three skulls tile skellramics truck small vase small vase small vase free lightbox photo gallery by v6.0m

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